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Double the fun of the original Daredevil Furniture, Double Dog incorporates larger acrylic rings (4.5 and 3.75 inch) which work together for setting circular 18 point type, and can be used with the original set to create three concentric rings of 18 point type. Wood half circles make it easy to set half a circle of type as well, which can be easily rotated. Double Dog also features two simple adaptations of traditional circular quads for composing type in curves, as well as a variety of semi-circles, trapezoids and angles.

Furniture is precisely laser cut from 5/8" thick popular, sanded by hand, and easily stored. Pieces measure in pica increments, making lock up quick and easy for printing on cylinder or platen presses. Daredevil Furniture mixes easily with your existing furniture and quads, allowing you to save the cost of photopolymer plates and use the type you have for real daredevil printing.

The overall set measures 5 x 7 inches and includes 45 pieces. I will also include some tips and tricks for using your furniture, provided as a PDF via email.

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