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Daredevil Furniture has grown, really HUGE. This set is ideal for working in a flatbed press to compose metal and wood type in circles, curves and angles. Circular sections are designed to hold 36 or 48 point type—or remove multiple circles together to accommodate 6 or 10-line wood type circle. Once in place, these circles can be rotated within the outer square form as a group or individually. An inner square measures four inches square which can also rotate, or be filled with smaller circles from the original Daredevil Furniture set. A simple adaptation of traditional circular quads allow for setting on a curve, and the inner rectangle can be filled with provided angled furniture to set type diagonally.

Furniture is precisely laser cut from 5/8" thick poplar, sanded by hand, and easily stored in the provided box. Pieces measure in pica increments, making lock up quick and easy. Big Dog Daredevil Furniture mixes easily with your existing furniture and quads as well as other Daredevil sets, allowing you to save the cost of photopolymer plates and use the type you have for real daredevil printing.

The Big Dog set measures 11 x 14 inches and includes 51 pieces. I will also include some tips and tricks for using your furniture, provided as a PDF via email.

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